What Does an Optometrist Do?

01 May

An eye doctor is someone who gives a service related not only to the vision but also to the eyes. In simple words, it is any health care worker involved in eye care, either with a limited amount of formal training to professional practitioners with years of doctoral degree of vision care. The eye doctor plays an important role in the overall vision care and treatment and can diagnose eye diseases and prescribe appropriate treatments. As the most important health care provider for vision care professionals, it is important to know about the different kinds of jobs that are available in the field.

A qualified eye doctor can diagnose conditions such as myopia, hypermetropia, presbyopia and astigmatism. He can prescribe corrective lenses and eyeglasses to correct the vision condition as well as prescribing and managing various testing procedures for improving the vision condition. For refractive surgery, an eye doctor can perform LASIK eye surgery, provide consultation, and provide referrals. If a patient experiences any visual problems and these problems are related to disease processes in the eye, he can perform a comprehensive examination, order a series of tests and provide relevant treatment and advice.

Contact lens wearers can benefit from a complete eye exam and prescribed contact lenses if they have been prescribed by a competent doctor. The eye doctor on this link will be able to determine the right contact lenses, frame type and other factors that can cause discomfort and interfere with vision when wearing glasses. Refractive eye surgery is also performed by qualified professionals who can provide treatment and guidance on the proper procedure to correct any refractive errors.

One other job that an eye doctor can do is to diagnose eye disease. This eye disease can be categorized into two, acute and chronic. Acute eye disease is a vision disorder that causes permanent damage to the eye. This damage is usually caused by infections and the eye can be infected. A chronic eye disease does not cause any permanent damage, but it can slow down the vision recovery process and make sightseeing more difficult. The most common eye disorders diagnosed by an ophthalmologist are glaucoma, cataracts, presbyopia and vision loss.

Vision therapy is another job that an eye doctor can do. Vision therapy is a professional job where the vision specialist performs certain exercises and treatments to improve certain areas of vision or to help restore certain areas of vision. One common eye condition that is improved through vision therapy is astigmatism. Vision therapy can also detect eye diseases such as glaucoma and cataracts. The eye doctor will use diagnostic tools such as computerized tomography (CT) scanner to determine the severity of a certain eye condition.

Finally, optometrists and ophthalmologists also work together to help their patients choose the appropriate contact lenses and glasses for them. The most common eyewear that opticians perform treatments for our contact lenses and eyeglasses. Some patients also have to get laser vision correction or corrective eye surgery. Some patients also need to get braces or orthodontic shoes to correct certain teeth alignment. If you are looking for contact lenses or glasses, you should consult with your eye doctor first to find out what the right treatment options are for you. Discover more details related to this topic on this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Optometry.

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